Established in 2014 by industry experts, Rimlight Studios specializes in designing and developing high-quality Video Games for console and PC.


Our mission: “to create and deliver visually appealing games that can be played by anyone, providing good old-school fun


The founders’ vision is of a company where the wellbeing of the employee and their families are at the center, and it is possible to work having fun at the same time.

Our core principles and mindsets state:
  • Humility and integrity are key to our success
  • Always be willing and eager to learn
  • Work in a team of peers: everyone’s job is important
  • Success is determined by the users: we work for them
  • Be proud of your workmanship, and work to be proud
  • Get specific early and stay agile and adapt to changes
  • Foster open communication in the team
  • Quality in our products is everyone’s job, everyday

The Studio

Rimlight Studios offers a relaxed working environment in locations surrounded by inspirational nature, and complemented with exciting night-life. It’s all perfect for designing fantastic games, in cozy spaces overlooking the sea, filled with latest technology.

We believe a work/life balance is essential to the success of our employees and that is the reason why we selected the city of Catania in Sicily to open our office.

In the heart of Sicily, surrounded by nature, Catania is one of the sunniest city in Europe, and is perfectly located between miles of beautiful beaches and a 10,920 feet active volcano (Mount Etna)

Catania is one of the few places in the World where you can go from swimming in the sea to skiing on the snow within the same day. The food is mouth-watering, and pastries are possibly among the most beautiful sweetest thing that you will ever taste in your life.

Catania houses also some of the largest universities in Italy, with tens of thousands of students, which explain the vibrant and exciting nightlife, amazing restaurants, pubs, beach clubs and dancing clubs

The Team

Fabio Ilacqua

Art Director

Art Director with a lifelong passion for game development, Fabio has been working in the games industry for almost a decade. He has developed a long experience creating art and directing teams as outsourcing partner for some of the most acclaimed developers worldwide. During the years he has directed and participated in a variety of AAA projects such as Gears of War, Unreal Tournament 3, Crysis 2 & 3, League of Legends and Ryse.In 2014 Fabio joins Rimlight Studios where he is responsible for the art production of the studio games.

Francesco Bizzini

Lead Progammer/Game Designer

Driven by a strong passion for video games and a distinct creativity, Francesco began as a pixel art graphic designer and programmer back in 1988.  Surrounded by people with similar mindsets, he has worked on the production of various video game prototypes, completely responsible for the design and gameplay.  In 2004, Francesco was one of the founders of Dokroton Entertainment; a company dealing with art outsourcing, development and production of mobile games.

Steven Chagnon

3D Artist

Born in the coldest region of Canada, well.....Canada. Steven hails from a long line of non-artist.
Utilizing his expertise that spans over a decade, he creates astonishing and, stunningly mind-blowing pieces of art. Steven’s work can be found in numerous award winning games. (Gears of War, Terminator Salvation, F.E.A.R. 3) Steven currently resides in the southern realms of Euroland.

Dan Liimatta

Concept/Texture Artist

Atramentumancer of two dimensional planes, a Master simian of the Dark Arts. Spends most of his day in ancient patterns dissecting nature unto the neuro planes of our digital alter in the vain hopes of, maybe, transcending life into the binary. In other words he designs the worlds and characters that inhabit our games. Originally from Sweden but he is currently astray.

Walter Porto

Coder/Level Designer/Sound

Walter is who you can call "a guy born in the early '80s".
In love with his Amiga 500, playing video games was only an excuse to learn the basics of programming; when he discovered that Tetris was only a matrix filled with absurd sequences of 0/1 Walter decided to spend his spare time learning the basics of game programming and pixel art to become a "one-man" software house.

Half a coder, half a designer and half a musician, he is not sure of what - exactly - he is; after several years working in the comics industry as colorist and as programmer for educational games, Walter joins Rimlight Studios to go some steps further in game development.

Derek Ho

Junior Animator

A new recruit in the games industry, Derek has been given the responsibility of a Rigger and an Animator. Easily inspired by the things of the world and his slight obsession with animation and video games, he will push forward to last onto the next fight, whether he likes it or not. With a particular weird eating habit, he hopes to bring a new twist and add a slice of his own take to this digital adventure. Will he survive or go home in a "salame" bag. Delicious.

Kevin Leroy

Junior VFX Artist

Kevin Leroy, alias Sirhaian, is a Weaboo-to-come. This shy and calm young guy, who spawned in the Kingdom of Belgium, is passionate about special effects, romance Anime, writing novels and a certain MOBA (Shhh, don't say the name). After an internship for Fresh3D and his graduation from the HEAJ, he started an Anime figures collection, no matter what his friends told him. Also, he mostly only play Mage characters, loves eating pizzas, believes in the existence of extraterrestrial beings, and has a particular taste for blue glow in games. His goal here in Sicily? To continuously emit epicness and happiness particles while earning XP to upgrade his newly acquired abilities. May the Force (over lifetime) be with him!

Mary Ferlisi


Coming from Canada, Mary is pretty much the only person who would accept the administrative position which involves keeping the artists from straying too much from the real world…..
After travelling the world and many years working in the tourism industry, Mary has happily decided to settle down in the Catania area, working in Rimlight Studios and dealing with the day to day office administration.